The Democratic party is on a path to self-destruction.

I am a long-time Democrat, having served as a National Convention Delegate, Chair of the Nominating Committee for the Senate Majority Leader, and six-term member of the House, having worked my way up to Deputy Majority Leader. It hurts me to see many traditional Democrats, including prominent office-holders, being forced to identify as independents or even Republicans.

Left-wing party members, also known as Progressives,  have uncompromisingly pulled the party too far to the left. We will pay a price for this in the Fall elections, and beyond. — Unless we can identify some traditional Democratic values and rally around them.

If I can help to do that, my campaign will have been a success.

The Danger of a Divided Nation

The worst threat facing our country today is divisiveness. We have little respect for each other’s views.

Many journalists have forgotten their craft and are working to promote their own agendas. There are real challenges that threaten our future as a nation. We have lost our ability to move past the election contest and spend the next eighteen months working in the people’s interest. As a result, people are suffering. And if we can’t turn this country around, the worst is yet to come.

First Action: Close The Border

If the President won’t do it, then the Congress must. Use the Army if necessary.

We have always been a nation of immigrants. And we will continue to be. But we are also a family of brothers and sisters, with issues of our own that are a long way from being resolved. Chaos on the border and a thriving trade in Fentanyl that has killed thousands are both real threats to our future.

This should not be a partisan issue. Traditional Democrats need to step up and be heard. And we need to listen. If we don’t, the future of our party and of our nation is in danger.

The Campaign

Primary Day is September 13th. Please come back and learn about other issues and actions that matter to you.